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E-Guardian is a comprehensive solution for all the administrative prerequisites of educational schools & colleges. As it’s the most unstable ecosystem, educational institutes require competent managerial skill to tackle complex issues at every stop. E-Guardian, a 360 degree solution; enables the client to have a centralized control over the entire software.

We streamline the institute’s operational life cycle by providing a customized solution that is designed & developed to adapt to the requirements of the client.

We are special because you are unique !

It is easy to install a software & abandon. It takes special efforts & attention to implement an end to end solution which resolves all the complications because every institute is unique. We on the other hand, understand the hitches, study them, design & develop a solution suitable for the institute environment. Our highly professional technical team brings a seamless operating system to the administrative & managerial levels.

It is feasible to integrate any hardware with the software without the easy & smooth interface being altered. Any new module can be added to the existing software if need arises.

We educate the staff with a thorough training about all the modules of the software before handing over it to the institute i.e. we function on BOT.

For an invariable experience in future, we employ our own staff members who execute & maintain smooth functioning of the on-site running.

Pay when you are convinced!

Our management solutions are customized to your needs & hence you only pay for the modules you actually use. We at E-Guardian believe in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. We take full responsibility for our product & successful installation on your campus. We believe in receiving payment only after you are satisfied about the installation.

Modules we offer

fee management

Admission management

Admission module is designed to cater to the entire admission process by simplifying it thus saving manpower & time. The automated process makes it possible to conduct the entire admission process across different streams as well as different classes.
E-Guardian uploads & generates prospectus, admission forms, merit lists, waiting lists & confirmation lists.


Exam management

E-Guardian’s specialized exam management module simplifies all process related to tests & examinations ensuring an accurate record of the same. This automated software allows marks to be entered directly into the system & results are displayed on the individual portals. They can generate mock question papers based on the previous school tests for students to practice before the examinations.

customised reports

Attendance management

E-Guardian’s Attendance management module allows institutes to keep a day-to day record of the attendance of students as well as staff, at all levels with the aid of an RFID i.e. a Radio Frequency Identification. The encrypted data is unique to your institute and cannot be replicated or tampered.
E-guardian registers the swipe everyday & when programmed, can send automated emails/ sms.

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Fee management

E-guardian’s fee management module has been created to accurately calculate & seamlessly generate bills for fees, collect fees & update accounts accordingly. It records the collection of the same and ensures that all books of accounts reflect true figures of the institutes financial records .Hence this automated procedure saves the man-power of existing staff, cuts down the errors to near nil & reduces stress levels.

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Student Performance

E-Guardian automates the process and monitors all library activities. Using the E-guardian system, each book issues contains the complete information of the book issues, date of issue, date of return and fine which are displayed on student’s portal as well as in the library records.

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Library Management

E-Guardian automates the process and monitors all library activities. Using the E-guardian system, each book issues contains the complete information of the book issues, date of issue, date of return and fine which are displayed on student’s portal as well as in the library records.

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Staff info, HR and Payroll

People management is one of the greatest challenges of any organization. Delays and misinterpretation of information is common place. Verification of data becomes dependent on the records being maintained. To safeguard against these complications, e-guardian maintains stringent records of all staff activity.
E-Guardian monitors and tracks everything, right from the attendance of both teaching & non- teaching staff, to information about holidays, to take extra classes, to event organization to salaries deposited and bonus remuneration.

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Core Academics

The E-Guardian module for core academics is an ideal student management software programme that ensure that all students are kept in the loop and made responsible for their classroom performance.
It allows all students to get homework updates, receive notes, provides syllabus etc. It provides students their own portal which they can access online. They can check & verify the same at their own convenience. Every student’s information is maintained in absolute confidence.

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Event management

E-Guardian’s event management module is the ideal partner for events conducted at schools and colleges as they engage in synchronized activities. This saves hundreds of hours of manual labor and effort while ensuring the event is conducted in a seamless, professional manner.
E-Guardian simplifies the entire registration process for events by creating & managing it online. This is particularly useful when a large volume of students are participating in inter-school / inter-college festival.
E-Guardian ensures a transparent and fair voting process for any elections on campus or during events / festivals or similar.
E-Guardian looks after schedules & alerts by ensuring that they are sent across to everyone on the user list as per their category i.e. students, guests, staff, and family members.

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Compliance Academics

In the last 15 years, education systems across the country have gone through an overhaul. While parents and students face the dilemma of choosing the correct stream, institutes who provide varied subjects are faced with the cumbersome task of juggling everything. At the same time, each organization is affiliated to a different educational board or University. These institutes become answerable to the respective Central Board for the same.
E-Guardian has the answer to all challenges faced in this scenario and is constantly upgrading solutions to keep.
Managing Board & University protocol
Universities and Institutes are under different affiliations like SSC, CBSE. ICSE. E-Guardian can maintain the requisite protocol that it is supposed to follow. It automatically submits the attendance to the appropriate Board via e-mail and keeps a record of the same.

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Document management

Every organization is overloaded with documentation and paper-work. E-Guardian’s USP is its ability to manage thousands of pages of virtual documents uploaded on the system. This creates a relatively paperless environment and necessary print-outs can be taken, as and when necessary.
Document management through our e-guardian module helps to drastically cuts down paper-work for everyone involved.
E-Guardian backs up the entire data of the organization so that even in emergencies, all information is protected and can be accessed easily, without losing crucial details.

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Front end portal for stake holders

Every user of the e-Guardian Automated Solutions programme will be provided with front-end portals for all stake holders, viz.
a) Administration
b) Teachers 
c) Students 
d) Parents
Every stake holder has their own portal. E-Guardians permits legitimate stakeholders to access the programme via the portals they have been provided. It is password protected and completely secure.
E-Guardian automated solutions maintain and ensure absolute privacy for all the data entered into the system. While students have access to their own information, the overall institutional information can only be accessed by authorized school personnel.

customised reports

Plug -in module

You do not have to take all the available modules. You can start with a few initially and then add new modules to the existing modules at any point.

One stop solution for all your Institute Management needs.

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