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Modules We Offer

Admission Management

Admission module is designed to cater to the entire admission process by simplifying it thus saving manpower & time. With this module uploads of documents, prospectus, generation of merit lists, waiting lists & confirmation lists can be processed.

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Fees Management

Fees management module has been created to accurately calculate & seamlessly generate invoices for fees & update accounts accordingly. It records the collection of admission fees, course fees and other miscellaneous fees which we ensure that all books of accounts reflect true figures of the institute’s.

Examination Management

Onfees examination management software is an end-to-end solution to simplify, streamline, and manage all exam-related activities seamlessly. Designed & developed to carry out offline as well as online conduction of examinations, this software empowers faculty to take care of the following pre-examination, real-time examination, and post-examination activities. The system is innovative and equipped with the latest technology with deep analysis of exam results.

Learning Management System

Onfees LMS provides its user with optimum management tools to enhance the overall virtual classroom learning experience. Teachers can plan their lessons on prior basis, can assign assignments, can share video links and presentations also can individually guide students. Institutes can maintain student attendance record, easy access to content, Strengthen teacher-student collaboration, and provide a modern structure to education. Students can interact better with the educators, get access to content at all the time, and acquire seamless learning.

Document Management

Every organization is overloaded with documentation and paper-work which every year keeps on increasing and become difficult to manage also to keep those documents needs dedicated area. Managing documents can be simplified in such a manner that it will drastically cut down paper-work where all kind of documents will be scanned, tagged and assign to employee so as to access it all the time.

HR And Payroll

People management is one of the greatest challenges of any organization. To safeguard against these complications onfees maintains stringent records of all staff activity. Onfees monitors and tracks everything, right from the attendance of teaching & non- teaching staff, to information about holidays, to take extra classes, to event organization to salaries deposited and bonus remuneration. Get comprehensive and insightful reports having meaningful information.

Library Management

RFID integrated advanced library management system is the most needed module in Schools & colleges. With this technology the following activates can be performed that includes book purchasing, cataloging, indexing, circulation recording and stock checking which will increase the efficiency and reduce cost in operating library. It can be integrated with any LMS software without any hassle.

Some More Features

Visitor Management
  • Documents/ letter received/ sent are
    tracked & updated in the system
  • Email/ SMS notification to employees
    about thedocument/ letter received/ sent
  • View the said document/letter
  • Export the documents in bulk
  • Visitor log
  • Visitor's check-in check-out entry
  • Purpose and reference employee detail
  • Generate gate pass
Transport Management
  • Route wise Transport Fee Collection
  • Transport alert to parents
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Multiple reports
  • Mass communication to students and
    staff via Email, SMS, Whatsapp
  • Announcements
  • Notifications
Hostel Management
  • Application form and link to payment
  • Random Allotment of rooms to students
  • Attendance of every student is tracked
    using RFID smart card
  • Monitoring in/out logs of students
  • Online collection facility for hostel fees,
    canteen fees and other charges.
Event Management

Event management module is the ideal partner for events conducted at schools and colleges as they engage in synchronized activities. This saves hundreds of hours of manual labor and effort while ensuring the event is conducted in a seamless, professional manner. This is particularly useful when a large volume of students are participating in inter-school / inter-college festival. Onfees ensures a transparent and fair voting process for any elections on campus or during events / festivals or similar. It looks after schedules & alerts by ensuring that they are sent across to everyone on the user list as per their category i.e. students, guests, staff, and family members.

Website Management

We’re here to ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended. It encompasses general maintenance, security, and long-term development of the website, as well as organizing your content delivery and marketing. We offer our expertise in the feild of Web Technology which consists of basic level of database system. We use the technologies which are updated and compatible for the browser i.e., Worpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JQuery, PHP.

OBE – Accreditation

Onfees offers outcome base software that will enables higher education institutions to meet the guidelines set by various accreditation bodies like NAAC, NBA, etc. and maintains the quality of education. It allows institute to assign roles to faculty, automate assessment, generate and analyze reports.

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